Member Testimonials

Florida Barter( Orlando and Tampa,Fl.) just Traded 12 building lots in Lake Tansi and Fairfield Glades Tennessee thru the IRTA, Universal Currency Program in April 2016. Over $88,000 in free and clear land was Traded on a 100% trade basis. The land was sold at 15% to 20% lower than the Cumberland County Property tax appraised values.

Florida Barter is one of the top traders in Universal Currency (UC), year in and year out. This means Florida Barter does a great job of delivering quality products and services to its members that are outside of Florida Barter's regional marketplace Florida Barter's success in UC is yet another reason why so many Florida businesses benefit from their participation in Florida Barter.

  • Ron Whitney, IRTA Executive Director

I joined Florida Barter in 1998 and it has changed my life and more importantly my business. I have been able to put together powerful radio campaigns, produce countless printed catalogs, purchase cases of California wines, even got the shipping of a large truck full of showcases on trade!!! Personally, besides the wonderful luxuries of spas and International excursions, I’ve purchased player pianos, solid Italian marble statues, solar systems and sod. So, not only does Florida Barter save me cash for things I normally have to buy, it allows me to enjoy my life more by doing things I would normally never splurge on if I had to pay cash. In my humble opinion, Florida Barter is the BEST barter company out there.

  • Virginia Ann Rodriguez - Diamond Exchange

Our pet hospital has been associated with Florida Barter for 20 years. It has improved our business cash flow situation when we use Florida Barter for hospital maintenance including painting, plumbing, electrical repairs and improvements, pest control, lawn service, landscaping, drainage repairs, maintaining fire extinguishers and lighting, handyman services, multiline telephone additions and maintenance, security alarm systems, and building improvements. We have also reduced payroll expenses with employee bonuses and Christmas bonuses. Our employees love the perks from Florida Barter.

Our family quality of life has improved with many daily luxuries that we probably would not have had or could have afforded without Florida Barter, including services like school tutoring, vacations, and house improvements and repairs. With Florida Barter, you are only limited by your imagination.

  • Mitchell Hammock Pet Hospital

U S Design Source Flooring, Area Rugs, Acoustical Wallcovering and Cabinetry is a long time trade member and enjoys making trading, an integral part of my business model. Trading is a great way to move unsold inventory and to network with other business owners, to make them aware of your product or service and earn a cash referral . Happy Trading.

  • Mike Hill, Owner - U S Design Source

Now I know REALLY KNOW why they say you are the Best in the Business. Under 24 hours from client request to confirmation of a same day Hotel Booking with restaurant credit to boot, in a strange city, through a different barter agency...... Truly Amazing.... but I wouldn't have even asked if I didn't have faith in you that comes from many happy trips.

  • Rene Roos - Paradise News

Florida Barter is a great way to have your business work for your needs. Members buy from members using trade dollars from their personal account. Do it as much or as little as you want. Grow your business, get your name out there and earn trade dollars to spend as you please. Once you get started you will totally love it. In less than a month, I was able to get car repairs, marketing materials and tax help all without using my business cash flow.

  • Pamela Settle, Publisher and Editor - GoodLiving Magazine

To Scott Whitmer and staff: I have wanted to let you know for sometime now how much I value our relationship. I have been with Florida Barter for over a decade and have always felt that part of my success and my salon has been in part because of your actions. You were there in the beginning helping us grow our business with advertizing and printing, then when we bought our own building and it needed much renovation I was once again able to use you for much of the work. I was even able to buy shampoo chairs from another barter company in Ohio that you helped broker. And finally when the economy took a downturn in 2008, I was able to still grow my business using Florida Barter. Melisa, Joyce and the rest of your staff should be commended for providing swift, timely service and ideas to make our experience with barter better. Thank You.

  • Mike and Kiri Van den Abbeel - Mosaic Hair Studio

I've been a member of Florida Barter for 18 years. Barter has not only brought me more business through the barter company but cash customers through the referrals as well. Not only have we been able to use Florida Barter for hundreds of business uses, we have used it for personal use and travel opportunities too. We've had our house painted inside and out, pool deck resurfaced, granite counters, picture framing, hotel and Broadway tickets in New York, cruises, alarm system, landscaping, pool cleaning, general maintenance and much more. Not only do you have the local businesses to use, but they are part of a bigger network of barter companies all over the country. I was able to purchase a sauna through one of those reciprocals. I highly recommend Florida Barter. If you think that you won't be able to spend your trade dollars, just give it time...soon you won't know how you lived without it.

  • Mike Young - Mike's Pawn

Scott: I wanted to personally express to you how beneficial my membership in Florida Barter has been to both, my company US Assets, as well as my family. We save about $1,500-$2,500 per month, every month, in cash, using Florida Barter for everything from advertising to auto repair, eye surgery, doctors, golf, dentists, home repair, printing, hotels, restaurants, vacations, and much more. More importantly, it has kept my business operating and doing fairly well even in these recessionary times. We have added over $50,000 a year in sales each year through Florida Barter, and our membership saves us out of pocket cash every single day. In addition, the operations and staff of Florida Barter are by far the most knowledgeable and professional I have ever met in the exchange industry. In closing, I highly recommend and encourage anyone trying to save cash, increase their business, and live a better life, to join Florida Barter.

  • Jack Sirianni - US Assets