Benefits of Membership

  • Imagine the impact on your Orlando or Tampa Bay area business if you could buy goods and services for your company without spending cash...
  • Imagine the impact on your bottom line if you had an easy way to reduce your excess inventory and reduce excess downtime...
  • Imagine the impact on your lifestyle if you had access to worldwide travel on trade...

There’s no need to imagine with Florida Barter. These are just a few of the benefits available to you as members in our barter network.

New Business and New Clients

Florida Barter exposes your company to a whole new set of business partners and buyers. Sales generated through bartering are over and above your normal cash-paying customers. This means bigger market share and bigger profits for you. Plus - happy Florida Barter customers can lead to a powerful new source of cash referrals.

Save Your Cash

Every trade dollar you spend with Florida Barter is a cash dollar saved! Our barter network offers a diverse range of products and services to fulfill your business and personal needs. Spending trade dollars with us allows you to save your working capital for other expenses.

New Contacts

At Florida Barter, we strive to create a community where you can support other entrepreneurs. We hold networking events so you can meet new business partners who can help grow your company.

Turn Excess Inventory and Downtime into Profit

Does your business have excess inventory, idle production time, unfilled seats or unsold advertising space? We’ll promote your company to member businesses that need to buy your product or service.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Florida Barter membership is a powerful incentive for others to do business with you. Barter attracts new clients to your business without affecting the current cash sales of your company.