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Florida Barter Fall Events
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Florida Barter will host there 18th annual Golf Tournament on Saturday October 13th, 2012 at Mission Inn Resort, Howey-In-The-Hills. It will be a 1:00pm shotgun start. The price is $90 td per player. That includes the tournament, a box lunch, range balls, and awards for the top 3 teams, closest to the pin and longest drive for men and women.

We will play the El Campeon course. Built in 1926, the course is one of the oldest in the South. The course architect, Charles E. Clarke of Troon, Scotland, blended unusual elevation changes of more than 85 feet with features of traditional golf design. Rolling fairways and undulating greens only begin to characterize El Campeon. Sponsorships are available and the registration form is enclosed and on our web site. Make your own team or we will pair you up with a team. Please join us for a great day on the links.

The Orlando Annual Trade Show will be held on Thursday evening November 15th at the Bahia Shriners Center, 2300 Pembrook Dr. Orlando, Fl. 32810. Starting at 6;00pm until 9:00pm Sponsorships and Table Tops displays are available. This is a great opportunity to display your products or services. Network with hundreds of business owners. There will be Festive food, music and entertainment(Silent Auction, Black Jack Tournament and the Wheel of Trade Fortune). And it is all Free for our clients.

The Florida Barter Tampa Bay Area Trade Show will be held on December 5th, Wednesday at the Holiday Inn, Clearwater, Fl. 3535 Ulmerton Rd. Clearwater 33762. Starting at 6:00pn to 9:00pm. Same Fun, Festive food, music, entertainment, Silent Auction, Wheel of Trade Fortune and Networking with Florida Barter business owners. Book your Sponsorship or table top display before they sell out. This is a great time to do some early Holiday Shopping for your staff and family.

Hotels rooms are available to all 3 events.

Double Digit Trade Growth Sets New Record At Florida Barter
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Lynn Fleeger                   or                                  Scott Whitmer
Spectrum Public Relations                                                  Florida Barter
407-557-2725                                                                     321-397-2050
Area’s largest independent barter organization on target for record 2012.
ORLANDO, Fla. (June 11, 2012) – Florida Barter, the largest independent organized barter association on the U.S. east coast, recently announced remarkable growth statistics for 2011, making it the best year in the company’s 30-year history. Boasting an increase of nearly 25 percent in new clients over 2010 and a substantial 18 percent increase in trade volume, Florida Barter reflects the trend of steady growth in the use of barter as an alternate business revenue source in today’s global recession.
Orlando-based Florida Barter marked nearly $17 million in trade transactions in 2011, an increase of $3 million over 2010’s year-end figures. With nearly 1800 active members, the company’s trade volume increased to an average monthly trade volume of more than $1.47 million. In the first quarter of 2012, Florida Barter experienced a remarkable 16 percent growth in trade volume, putting it on track for setting new growth records for the year.
The current global recession has placed enormous financial pressure on every business sector, every level of government and virtually every individual on the planet. The prolonged economic downturn has tested peoples' confidence in once-respected financial institutions and government-managed monetary systems.
“Organized barter is very quickly becoming an established alternative business activity to replace lost revenue and augment cash flow,” noted Scott Whitmer, president and CEO of Florida Barter. “As the global recession continues, with very little meaningful recovery on the horizon, all types of barter and trade systems will continue to grow in popularity,” Whitmer predicted.
Obtaining healthcare services through Florida Barter’s organized barter system has spiked dramatically over the past two years, as more companies are forced to either give up or cut back on health insurance benefits. Dentists, chiropractors, therapeutic massage services, acupuncture, veterinarians, cosmeticians and medical spas – to name a few - have joined the barter business, allowing business owners and employees to save cash for more pressing needs.
In 2012, Florida Barter celebrates 30 years of fostering responsible barter growth in the central Florida business community.  Founded in October 1982 by Scott Whitmer, the company now serves two major central Florida business markets – Orlando and Tampa. Over those 30 years, Florida Barter has earned the International Reciprocal Trade Associations’ (IRTA) ‘Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Commercial Barter Industry’, the National Association of Trade Exchanges’ (NATE) ‘Distinguished Service Award’, and Whitmer was inducted into the IRTA’s Hall of Fame as the organization’s 19th inductee.
About Florida Barter
Established in 1982, Florida Barter is the largest independent modern organized barter organization on the U.S. east coast. For 30 years, Florida Barter has offered a service oriented, alternative currency solution for local businesses, helping companies achieve new sales, business contacts and increased profits by offering a combination of expertise, knowledge and experience within the barter industry.
Trade activities have been around for centuries, but today’s economic climate has forced small to medium-sized businesses to identify and rely on alternative sources of revenue.  Modern organized barter has become an important alternate source of income and business contacts for many small businesses. For more information, please visit our web site at or call our headquarters in Winter Park at 321-397-2050.
Florida Barter is a proud member of the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) and the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE), embracing the industry code of ethics and the stringent national and international standards.
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Summer is Coming – Is this a Good Time to Advertise?
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By:  David Bonilla
As I sit in my office and gaze over to the calendar on my wall, it suddenly hits me, summer is coming. From a personal perspective, I then starting thinking on all the things that summer has meant to me and my family over the years. Summer was inherently the time we would take our family vacations, took it ease and basically just relaxed. 
I believe that one way or another, sometimes this sense of taking it easy and relaxing even hold true in our business lives. We start thinking that summer time is a happy time. Well, as you have undoubtedly notice from past years, this time tends to be the time when most Americans take their vacations (happy times) and as such, the travel industry gets a huge boom. 
But what about the rest of us, what about the auto repair shops, the florist, dentist, doctor, lawyer, etc. Do we just stop, close down and relax. No, people still need auto repair shops, florists, dentists, doctors, lawyers and people still spend money in the summer. 
Actually, the summer time is a great time to advertise. The competition is less and the advertising opportunities are more readily available and as a Florida Barter member you have an added advantage, you can advertise using your Trade Dollars.
We must bear in mind that although most people look at the summer as vacation time, in our technology driven age, most people carry smart phones and thus are still communicating, checking emails and of course visiting websites.
So, if most people are relaxing in the summer and as we all know, spending money, the savvy business owner who advertises and gets their message out in front of them can see a significant return on their advertising Trade Dollar.
Florida Barter has access to a diverse advertising universe which includes, radio, print and online advertising as well as access to marketing and technology professionals who specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media and graphic design to help get you on track.
Remember, summer is coming but summer is an awesome time to get your business in front of many more people by advertising.
For more information, please contact your local Florida Barter office so we can help you get started.
Florida Barter Orlando – 321-397-2050         FloridaBarterTampaBay – 727-524-6800

Bloomberg Businessweek
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Rise of the Barter Economy, by Eric Spitznagel, Bloomberg Businessweek, April 26,2012. ( Florida Barters quotes).
According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association—an organization created to promote “just and equitable standards” in modern bartering—the U.S. barter market is a staggering $12 billion annually. In other words, $12 billion worth of goods and services are traded every year without any currency changing hands. Scott Whitmer, founder of trade exchange company Florida Barter, says that while 2011 saw positive signs of an economic recovery, many small and medium-size companies are still struggling. “Bartering has continued to help many [of these] companies grow and conserve cash,” he says. Though Florida Barter enjoyed a record 2011—a 12 percent increase in total trade volume; more than $17 million worth of trades among the 1,600 clients—Whitmer says bartering as a business practice is still in its infancy, “on the cusp of exploding.”

Whitmer of Florida Barter says that limited and strategic bartering is best. “We’re not going to help anybody pay their electric bill or their mortgage,” he says. “But we can help them maintain their business and get sales they never would’ve had otherwise.” The best barters, he says, are for things you might normally have spent cash on anyway, “like printing, advertising, marketing, or promotional T-shirts with your logo on it.”

Florida Barter’s clients cover a vast range of services, from doctors, lawyers, and accountants to electricians, plumbers, and massage therapists. “If a client makes a request and we don’t have it,” he says, “we’ll go get it.” He claims to have more faith in Florida Barter’s “trade dollars”—which aren’t all that different from Barter Business Unlimited’s “barter dollars”—than U.S. government-issued currency. “Trade dollars, unlike U.S. dollars, are backed by goods and services,” he says. “It’s like the gold standard that we dropped.”


Health Care on Trade!
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by Scott Whitmer

Today more companies are faced with very high deductibles or have dropped there health insurance because of high premiums. Many Doctors will not even accept some insurance programs because they pay the Doctor so little for there services. Florida Barter has many very good Health Care Professional that accept payment for there services in trade dollars. Scott Whitmer states, " If you do not have insurance you can take care of your family, Loved ones and employees on trade." There are many types of Health Care Professionals that are clients of Florida Barter. The following is a list of categories. Contact your broker for more details and referrals;

Acupuncture, Allergist, Arch supports, Bio-Identical Hormone replacement, Chemical Peels, Chiropractors, Cosmetic Surgery, Counseling/mental health/marriage, Dentist, Diet food products/supplements ,Eye Doctors, Eye Glasses, Facials, General Practice, Hearing aides, Holistic Medicine, hypnotist, Imaging/Scans, Laser hair removal, Massage therapy, Microdermabrasions, Non-evasive facelifts/tummy tucks, Orthodontist/Invisaline, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Compound/ pharmacy, Podiatrist, Vitamins&Supplements, Weight Loss Programs and more.

Employee Incentives
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by:  Scott M. Whitmer

The Florida Barter "Gift Card" program has been a tremendous success. many clients have awarded there employees with a gift card for the Holidays and year end bonuses.Some companies have developed programs to award there employees monthly on a year round basis. Others have included Trade Dollars as part of there employees regular compensation. Once you set up a gift card for an employee you can re-load trade dollars to the card any time you want and in any increment. What a great was to save cash and take care of your valued employees. The employees earning the trade dollar award can spend the trade any where through out the Florida Barter network.They can use it for Health Care, Spa treatments, Hair salons, entertainment, home improvements and travel all over the country and world. So why not set up a monthly Incentive program funded with trade dollars for your employees. Everyone wins, you save cash and your employees are rewarded for there well deserved hard work.

Advertise Now, Don’t Wait!
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By David Bonilla
As we begin 2012 and you evaluate your business with regards as to where you are and where you would like to be, quickly you realized that in order to achieve your goals for 2012 you need to grow your business and the best way to do this is to attract new customers.
Now, how can I do this in the most cost efficient manner? Use you Florida Barter trade dollars! By using your trade dollars, you can increase your sales (attract new cash clients) without spending cash. 
Your business exists to provide a product or service for those who either need it or want it. In order to provide that product or service you need to get your message out to your prospective customers and the best way to do this is thru advertising (letting them know you exist and what you have to offer) and the best way to pay for advertising is with Florida Barter trade dollars.
Here at Florida Barter we pride ourselves in being able to provide our members access to various advertising opportunities from print media to radio, and we are able to offer these advantaging opportunities on trade. By using your trade dollars, you are able to reach those new customers that every business wants and need and at the same thing you are saving cash by doing it on trade. What a great proposition! Some of the opportunities that are currently available in the Florida Barter advertising arsenal are: The Jews Heritage Newspaper, WTLN 950 AM, Urban Pet Magazine, and Lynx Bus advertising just to mention a few.
Please remember that it is proven statistically that small businesses often mistakenly cut advertising during tough economy times while their larger counterparts increase theirs and therefore increasing their market share. Don’t be a statistic; use your trade dollars to increase your market share. If people don’t know who you are, where you are or what you have to offer, how then can they become your clients?
Gives us a call at Florida Barter Orlando (321) 397-2050 or Florida Barter Tampa Bay (727) 524-6800 and will can help you get on your way to attracting those much needed new customers and show you how you can do it on TRADE.

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence 1982 to 2012
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Florida Barter has come a long way from the beginning as an Exchange Enterprise franchise in 1982. Scott M. Whitmer, President and Founder, decided early on that becoming an independent was the best direction to follow. So “The Exchange” evolved in 1984 and continued until the name of the company changed in 2002 to Florida Barter. We expanded from Orlando to the Tampa Bay Area market and the name Florida Barter suited our state-wide growth plans.
From the beginning we became very involved in the “International Reciprocal Trade Association”. This group was comprised of the founders of the Barter Industry. IRTA was responsible for the passage of the “Tax Fiscal Act” in 1982 recognizing barter companies as 3rd party record keepers. Now, the barter industry could grow and flourish as a legal entity on par with banks and financial institutes.
Whitmer was elected to the IRTA Board of Directors in 1984 and has served on the Board for many years, holding numerous officer positions and President for 2 terms. Under his leadership as President, the Board of Directors created the “Universal Currency System” in 1998. This currency system provided for the first time, a platform for barter companies to trade with each other Nationally and Internationally. The benefit to the Florida Barter clients was tremendous. The availability if goods and services extended from the local client base to the International client base of 200,000 clients. You can seamlessly spend Florida Barter trade dollars in over 30 Countries Worldwide.
IRTA & Universal Currency (The “UC”)
The Universal Currency (UC) is a central accounting center for corporate barter companies and trade exchanges throughout the world. It allows member trade companies to expand their own members’ ability to sell in new markets and purchase goods and services, that are not available within their own system, while eliminating the inconvenience and confusion of the individual reciprocal accounting.
The IRTA Board of Directors formed The Universal Currency program in 1998. Since its inception; the UC has grown to be the world’s foremost industry owned central trade and accounting center and has the support and participation of many of the world’s top barter companies. The UC has grown since its inception in mid ’98 of approximately 35 companies, to more than 100 member entities that represent over 200,000 corporate and retails businesses around the world including Australia, North and South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.
UC currently has over 1,100 listings and continually is setting new records for trading. UC set an all-time annual trading record in 2011 with over 6 million barter transactions between UC member exchanges. Call your broker today to explore the global trading opportunities.

What is the Value of Your Trade Account?
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By Scott M. Whitmer
Have you ever analyzed the value of your trade account? First of all, each trade dollar you earn is from a client you never would have had if Florida Barter had not referred them to you. The new business we bring to you on a regular basis is very important to your company’s growth. Treating Florida Barter members’ great will lead to “word of mouth” referrals to cash business. Every trade dollar spent is a cash dollar saved! And, in today’s economic climate, saving cash is extremely important.
Trading is also very profitable! For example; if you are a retailer and sell widgets for a retail price of $100, your wholesale cost of the widget is only $50. The margin is 50% or your trade dollar cost you 50¢ to earn one trade dollar. When you spend $1,000tds, it actually cost you $500. In this example, the widget company acquires goods and services at half price! What does your trade dollar cost you to earn? How much cash can you save by trading? New business and new profits through Florida Barter, you can trade amore and save more!

The 32nd Annual International Convention
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The 32nd Annual International Convention was held September 19th-21st, at the Aventura Spa Palace Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The theme of the convention was “21st Century Barter the Engine for Today’s Economy”.
The program featured the key note speaker, Richard C. Cook, who was an analyst for 21 years with the U.S. Treasury Department and the noted author of “Challenger Revealed”, his memoirs of the 1986 NASA tragedy. The topics of the convention focused on “Social Media and the Barter Industry”, Maximizing Universal Currency “UC” for your Exchange, and Sales and Broker sessions.
Florida Barter was represented by Scott M Whitmer, Cathy Lagrange and Patty Weston. Cathy earned the prestigious “Certified Trade Broker designation, CTB. Patty and Scott were recognized with the “IRTA Global Board Appreciation Award”, for outstanding service to IRTA and UC. Congratulations!
Florida Barter was the proud Silver Sponsor of the convention. Over 110 delegates representing 60 companies and 20 countries were in attendance.

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