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IRTA's Cancun Convention a Big Success
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IRTA's Cancun Convention a
Big Success

Membership Applauds IRTA & UC's Accomplishments & Global Board Re-Elects Annette Riggs as President


IRTA's 35th Annual International Convention in Cancun, Mexico was a resounding success as representatives from trade organizations around the globe rallied in support of IRTA and UC's thirty-five years of meaningful accomplishments for the barter industry.

The convention was opened by world renowned actress Dette Glashouwer, who dazzled the audience with her creative presentation on the history of money, central banks and barter. Seminars on complementary currencies, FINCEN rulings, proper deficit management, sales & broker training, real estate trading and UC were all well attended.

The IRTA annual meeting reviewed IRTA and UC's 2014 financials. The Treasurer distributed the Financial Reports and provided an overview of challenges and successes before opening the discussion to the members for a Q&A session. So far in 2014 twenty new members joined IRTA and there has been record setting UC trading and UC cash revenues for the year. Despite a software conversion and other challenges in September, UC set a trading record for the month of September with 637,204.02 of trading, thereby exceeding 2013's total annual trade volume of 8,598,461.70, after only three quarters in 2014, with one full quarter of trading still to go in 2014.

"It really was a great convention, with a lot of camaraderie and warm feelings of good will and support from everyone who attended," said IRTA Executive Director Ron Whitney.

The IRTA membership re-elected John Strabley, (IMS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Mary Ellen Rosinski, (Tradesource, Phoenix, Arizona), and Scot Mathewson, (iTradeearth, Cayey, Puerto Rico), to the Global Board of directors and also elected new board members Chong Kee Tan, (Bay-Bucks, San Francisco, CA), and Steve Zadrick, (WorldtradeX, Ocala, Florida).

The IRTA Global Board re-elected Annette Riggs to another two-year term as President of IRTA and also re-elected Mary Ellen Rosinski as Treasurer of IRTA. New board member Chong Kee Tan was elected to serve as IRTA's Secretary. Scott Whitmer, IRTA's Vice-President, retained his VP seat as his VP term runs through September of 2015.

The Cancun Convention was capped-off by the Annual Awards Dinner that honored Michael Mercier of Metro Trade in Detroit, Michigan with the Barter Hall of Fame Award. Other key awards were received by Bruce Kamm, (Paul St. Martin Award), Vern Ulery and Richard Harris, (Legends of Barter Award), and Diane Gasper for 2014 UC Broker of the Year.

IRTA and UC congratulate all the 2014 award winners and looks forward to another year of tremendous growth in both IRTA and UC as well as reaching important industry advocacy goals.

Trade Studio Available for Android Devices and iPhone
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 Trade Studio for Florida Barter is now available for Android© devices and the iPhone©.  Trade Studio is the ultimate tool for accessing your Florida Barter account on the go. For the first time you can now manage your up-to-the-minute account activity, find the newest exchange members, see businesses nearby, find goods and services available for trade and process barter transactions using your Android or iPhone device from anywhere in the world where you have a data connection. Put the full power of barter in your hands with Trade Studio for Florida Barter. Download now from Google Play© for your Android© device or from the iPhone App Store© for your iPhone©.  Search for “Trade Studio for Florida Barter.”

NOTE: You will need your Florida Barter account number and PIN to access your account on the Trade Studio for Florida Barter smartphone apps.  Contact your broker for your PIN and/or assistance.

*Check out our new “Global Marketplace” in the Member’s Section at

Florida Barter Receives International Recognition
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The Florida Barter Team distinguished itself at the 2013 convention for the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA). The 34th annual convention was held in Las Vegas, September 19th to the 21st at the Venetian Hotel.

IRTA is a non-profit organization that serves as a global hub and support system for trade, barter and alternative capital systems. Florida Barter is one of hundreds of member organizations from around the world who attended the eagerly anticipated annual conference.

The Florida Barter team achieved important recognition and milestones during the IRTA conference:

Scott M. Whitmer, President of Florida Barter was elected to the IRTA Board of Directors and chosen as Vice President of the Board. Scott is also serving as the Committee Chairman of the Universal Currency program.

Florida Barter was also represented by Peter Sayles, Trade Broker, who earned the elite designation of Certified Trade Broker. This certification requires weeks of preparation and study with a high score on a comprehensive exam. Florida Barter commends Pete on his excellent achievement.

Joyce Bingman is the Florida Barter Director of Travel and earned the IRTA “Broker of the Year Award." "I'm very proud of the work Joyce has done on behalf of Florida Barter members," said Scott Whitmer, Florida Barter President.

Patty Weston, Trade and International Universal Currency Broker (UC) with Florida Barter was honored with the IRTA, "Appreciation Award" for her help in coordinating the global convention and running the Broker session.

“Florida Barter would like to thank our members for making the company thrive and for giving the management team the motivation and platform to achieve success. The entire Florida Barter team is committed to the mission of helping companies achieve new sales and increased profits by effectively incorporating bartering into their business model,” said Scott M. Whitmer, President Florida Barter.

Florida Barter has been in operation since 1982 and it is now the largest independent trade exchange in the Southeastern United States. There are eight Certified Trade Brokers on staff serving two major markets; The Orlando area and the Tampa Bay area. Dominic Berardi, CTB, is the Vice President of Florida Barter and runs the Tampa Bay branch.

For more information about Florida Barter, please visit us at or contact our award-winning staff at (321) 397-2050 Orlando, and (727) 524-6800 Tampa.

Barter your way to Higher Profits
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How can barter help me? Two of the main reasons a business will join a trade exchange are to increase profitability and to attract new customers. 1. Increase your Profitability Lowering your overhead is one of the easiest ways to increase profits. Lowering overhead sounds like a great idea albeit seemingly impossible. Barter gives you immediate access to potential new customers who want to buy your product or service for Trade Dollars. You now have Trade Dollars that you can use to pay certain expenses instead of reaching for your wallet and credit cards. Using your trade dollars instead of cash increases your profitability 2. New Customers This is or should be a goal of every business, new or old! Barter refers you to new customers that have requested a referral for your service or product... Your potential new customers call us for a referral rather than looking at advertisements in the paper or on- line. The referral you get from your barter company turns into new business for you. For more information on Florida Barter call: In Orlando- Scott Whitmer, President 321-397-2050 In Tampa Bay Dominic Berardi Vice President 727-524-6800

Does Your Business Plan Include Barter?
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Does your Business plan include BARTER? Your business plan is a statement of your goals and should reflect the end result of your marketing plan. Your plan will include those elements that have worked, will eliminate those that did not and will add new and unique idea that should set you apart from your competitors. The main goal any business plan is to maximize revenue and profit and minimize expenses. For years businesses have used our many marketing tools to set themselves apart from the competition and to maximize profits. Have you included Barter as part your business plan for success? If not, why not? Barter is a legitimate source of income for your business and used effectively it will increase your overall productivity. Many clients use the Trade Dollars to create or supplement their advertising and marketing budgets that drive new cash customers to their business. Business’ partner with Barter Exchanges to expand their business. If you have not considered Barter as yet then the time is now! If you take the initiative to call us ,we will show you how to earn trade and how to offset a cash expenses by using trade dollars BARTER! IT’S A WIN -WIN! Florida Barter is the largest organized independent, Business to Business barter organization on the entire east Coast of the United States. Since 1982 we have offered a Business to Business Private Currency program to help local business owners reduce cash expenses and increase net profits. For more information feel free to call: In Orlando- Scott Whitmer, President 321-397-2050 In Tampa Dominic Berardi Vice President 727-524-6800

Make Yourself free Trade Dollars!
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Make yourself free trade dollars, while creating a stronger network of trading partners. Yes, you can make free trade dollars and improve your ability to save valuable cash! Simply put, give more referrals to Florida Barter! Do you know any companies or individual business owners that might have excess inventory sitting on their shelves or slots not filled in their schedules? Florida Barter needs to know who they are.

All these businesses could benefit, as you have, by creating extra sales through Florida Barter. We, like all businesses, thieve on referrals and introductions for our growth. In fact, over 50% of all Florida Barter Members are referrals. Let's work together to increase that percentage 75%! Each time you refer that potential New Member, you make extra trade and a new trading partner. Referral fees are 100 Trade Dollars, with selective "bonus" categories, yielding 200 Trade Dollars. We have many Clients giving us 5 to 10 referrals per year. That's 500 to over 1000 trade dollars they may spend anywhere through our system, regionally, nationally, or Internationally!

So, the next time year hear a business owner lamenting about slow sales or excess inventory sitting on their shelves; or asks you to trade directly with them and you have no need of their product or service, Contact me! That referral will put free Trade Dollars into your account and create new Trading Partners for you!

Thanks for Trust,

Frank Hilgenberg CTB/Sr Sales

Why Call Your Broker For Referrals?
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By: Melissa Birmele, CTB
As a broker for Florida Barter, I’ve found that establishing regular contact with members allows members to better use their trade. At times, we receive limited amounts of tickets or hot items and they will sell quickly. In addition, as new members sign up on a regular basis, you will always have up-to-date information about new goods and services.
Our directory is a great tool, but contacting your broker for referrals is always best. Your broker can assist in matching you up with the business that best suits your needs at the time. Also, new members sign up all the time. We may not have had the service you are looking for when the directory was printed, but they could have signed up after it was printed.
 When your broker is involved with your trades, they are able to assist in a smooth transaction. Should a problem arise, they can help rectify the situation much faster if they are aware there is an issue. Keep in mind in those situations; we will assist but in all actuality, we are a third party record keeper that promotes and works to help your business flourish in the trade world, as well as the cash world. 
So, why call your broker for a referral? The question is, “Why wouldn’t you call your broker for a referral”? A broker is assigned to each account for a reason, to assist in promoting your business, managing your account and to ensure smooth transactions. Call your broker for a referral today!

Which Direction?
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By David Bonilla
In the landscape of business there are many roads to take with regards to marketing your business.
There is Print Advertising, Radio, Internet Marketing, SEO, Newsletter Marketing, Article Marketing, Trade Show Marketing, Direct Marketing, Social Media Marketing and list goes on and on. 
The question for the business owner is two fold. First, which direction? I mean, out of all these roads which one or which one’s should I take? That is a questions that we at Florida Barter can help you answer. We can help you review your goals and dreams for your company and thus provided you with the tools for you to make an informed decision as to what road to take. But this is only one of the many questions that come to mind.
The other one would be; can I afford to market my business? Well first things first, let me say right now, you can not afford to stay on the side of the road when it comes to marketing your business. The great news is that as a Florida Barter member you have access to a wealth of marketing opportunities on trade. That’s right; you can afford to market your business, because you can do on trade.
At Florida Barter we can act as your “GPS” and help you navigate thru the many opportunities. We can also help you put together a strategy and finally find a vendor that can fulfill that strategy on trade.
Come on, let’s go! Give us a call and let’s get started.
For additional information on marketing opportunities, please contact us in Orlando office at 321-397-2050 and in our Largo office at 727-524-6800.

Florida Barter Newsletter Article – By Patty Weston
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Florida Barter is a member of Universal Currency. Having a membership with Universal Currency allows Florida Barter to provide a reliable and efficient marketplace in which there members can expand and maximize their ability to sell products nationally and purchase goods/services that are not available within there own membership base. Some of the items just recently purchased by FLB members through UC; Baby Grand Piano, Memory Foam Mattresses, Outdoor Fire Places and a trip to Sol Mar Resort in Cabo San Lucas, are you using your membership to it fullest?
UC allows FLB the ability to offer travel not only throughout the United States including the islands of Hawaii but worldwide like London, Australia, Mexico, the Caribbean and more. FLB offers so many different options you would be amazed. Read Joyce’s article in our newsletter, she highlights just a few great travel opportunities where you can relax and enjoy that much-needed vacation!!!
There are many other opportunities for our members on Universal Currency. Have you considered marketing your business to other areas in the United States? If so we may have advertising opportunities for you to consider.
Universal Currency is just another great benefit we offer all our Florida Barter members. If you have products or services you would like to offer worldwide (of course 100% trade) contact your Florida Barter Broker for details on how you can participate in this worldwide marketing opportunity. . Before you spend cash give your Florida Barter Broker a call. Your membership is only as good as the person using it!!!

Barter Conventions, by Scott M. Whitmer
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This year Florida Barter will be represented at both of the National and International Barter Conventions. The National Association of Trade Exchanges,(NATE) is hosting their convention at the Atlanta Marriott, Gwinnett Place, August 16-18th. Florida Barter will be represented by Scott Whitmer, Joyce Bingman and Kasey Whitmer. Joyce who has been the Florida Barter Travel Director since January, 1995 will head up the conventions Travel and Trade show on Thursday evening. Each participating Barter company will be featuring offerings from there clients in the areas of travel, advertising, goods and services. The show gives us an opportunity to promote our clients Nationally and learn about new available products and services that we can offer to our local clients.Kasey Whitmer will take the Certified Trade Broker(CTB ) class and exam to earn the CTB certification. The seminar topics include; How technology is changing the way we run our Exchange, Social Media & Web based tools to grow your Exchange and much more.

In September we will heading to the International Reciprocal Trade Association ( IRTA ) 33rd Annual Convention in Jamaica at the Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios. Florida Barter will be represented by VP Dom Berardi, Scott Whitmer, David Bonilla and Patty Weston. Patty is the International Broker for the IRTA Universal Currency( UC ) program and Scott Whitmer is Chairman of the UC committee governing the very successful program. David will take his Certified Trade Brokers( CTB ) class and exam.

Florida Barter is the proud " Silver Sponsor" of the convention. The theme of the convention is, " Passport To Global Economic Solutions". Some of the seminar topics are; Navigating the Social Media Sphere and Maximizing Linkedin, Sales and Broker Models for Growth and much more.

Scott Whitmer, President of Florida Barter states," I have been attending these Barter conventions for 30 years. I always learn something new that will help Florida Barter grow." Two of Florida Barter Brokers will earn there Certified Trade Broker,(CTB) designation at these conventions. Florida Barter will then have 7 Brokers on staff that have earned there CTB certification. The Florida Barter staff is the best trained and most knowledgeable staff in the Barter Industry.


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